If we are to be customer-driven, we must listen to our customers and be conscious of their interests in all our decisions.

Our growth should come naturally and involve only people of high character who share our philosophy of putting the customer first.

Only after we have found better-than-average quality and a philosophical fit should we then look toward viability.

Profit is not the purpose of our business and should not be sought for its own sake. Rather, it is a necessity if we are to be able to continue to deliver value to our clients, so we must be careful to do what we have chosen to do in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective. We should be more concerned with the client than with the competitor.

It is one of our corporate objectives to have fun. To enjoy what we are doing, we must like those with whom we work with.

In order to do this, we must respect each other and work together in mutual trust. To encourage trust, we must strive for completely open communication: management must not keep secrets and must not be defensive when criticized.

We must foster an atmosphere that encourages fellow employees to speak candidly and without fear of reprisal. How else can we learn?

It is important for all of us to remember why we are here and to be careful to deliver value to our customers for what we charge them. We should try to do our jobs better each week and to have fun doing them.

Jerrold L. Epstein

Westway Industries Inc.

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