How we accomplish our Mission is as important as the Mission itself. Fundamental for success of the company are those basic values which have guided our progress since our founding.

Quality is our first priority:

We must achieve customer satisfaction by performing quality repairs. This will allow us to compete effectively in the marketplace. We will always remember: "No sale is a good sale for Westway Auto Body Shop unless it fulfills our customers expectations."

Customers are the focus of everything we do:

As a Company we must never lose sight of the commitment we make to those who buy our service. Our deep-seated philosophy is that, "Business goes where it is invited and stays where it is well cared for."

Integrity is our commitment:

We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct. We obey all laws, produce safe and quality repairs and protect the environment. The conduct of our Company's affairs must be pursued in a manner that commands respect for its honesty and integrity.

Business Vision:

The company that fails its customers, fails! We will be superior to our competitors in providing the highest value to our customers at a fair price. We will consistently listen to our customers, respond quickly to their current needs and anticipate future needs.

We will stay close to our customers, tell them the truth and earn their business every day. Superior service built this business and will continue it be our central policy and philosophy.

We will supply our customers with outstanding service, specialty products and quality repairs that are safe and reliable. We will advertise and promote our service and products in a professional and ethical manner and support them with well trained people.

We are confident that if we do our jobs well and give value for what we charge, not only will mutual trust and respect develop, but satisfaction and a fair reward will result.

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